Emma Watson Net Worth in 2023, Age, Boyfriend and More

Net Worth$90 Million
Name Emma Watson
Date of Birth15th Apr 1990
Salary$6.8 Million +
Monthly Income$54,7000 +
ProfessionAmerican Actress and Director

Emma Watson is very popular actress in hollywood, who needs no introduction. If you see Emma Watson Net Worth then it will definitely blow your mind. Now if you want to know her net worth, Career and also about her Love Life then you are on the right page, So let’s start reading.

What Is Emma Watson Net Worth?

So, what is Emma Watson Net Worth?, we know that many of her fans are very curious to know her net worth. Then let us introduce to her wealth, So according to The Stars Life her total net worth is estimated around $90 Million. She has earned this huge wealth through her acting career and also through many high brand deals.

If you don’t know, then let us tell you one more thing about her that she is one of the most popular and successful actress of her generation. and her net worth automatically reflects her dedication and hard work in her career.

Biography of Emma Watson

As you know that Emma is very famous actress in the world because of her role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter Film Series, but apart from her acting career there something more about her life which you may don’t know. That’s why today through this article we’ll give you some information about her Childhood, her parents and also about her Siblings.

Early Life and Childhood :-

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is the full name of Emma Watson she was born in Paris, France on 15th April 1990. When she was a 5 years old child then her parents got divorced because of some family issues. After that she and her younger brother Alex were moved to Oxfordshire, England with her mom.

From a very young age she was the girl who was very interested in acting and performing arts. She studied in Stagecoach Theatre Arts School in Oxford, where she also studied Acting, Singing and dancing after that there was a very life changing time for Emma because some casting agents discovered her for very popular “Harry Potter” Series.

Parents :-

Jacqueline Luesby

If we talk about Emma’s mom then she is Jacqueline Luesby, who is a lawyer. and Emma always praised her because she has played a very strong role model in her life. Emma once said in an interview with Vogue Australia, about her mom’s role for being successful Actress.

Chris Watson

Chris Watson is Emma’s Dad who is also an English Lawyer. Emma’s relation with her dad was very complicated. Emma once said in an interview with The Telegraph – “He is my dad, and i love him so much but this is more complicated than i can express.”

Emma Watson’s Love Life

Through this article you can explore Emma Watson’s Love Life, Romantic relationships from her childhood crushes to her Boyfriend.

Childhood Crushes :-

Actually Emma is a very opened about her childhood crushes she told in an interview that she had a crush on Tom Felton who is her good friend from Harry Potter movie Felton has played the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter Series. She also told that she had a poster on her wall of Leonardo DiCaprio.

First Boyfriend :-

Emma started dating Tom Ducker in 2015, who is from her school, but after few months they broke up and their relationship was not last long. Shortly after breaking up with Tom Ducker she told the experience of her first relationship that it was “horrendous” and also said that she felt like she had “lost her identity” in the relationship.

Rumored Relationship with Prince Harry :-

When Emma Watson and prince Harry were seen together at charity event. In 2015 rumors circulated that they were dating each other. But In an Interview with Vanity fair Emma denied this rumor, she said that i met him only once.

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