Steven Seagal visited a destroyed prison in Russian-occupied Ukraine on Tuesday, where he repeated Kremlin talking points in his role as an official spokesman

Footage broadcast by Russian state media showed the actor in the wreckage of a building identified as the Olenivka prison in Donetsk,

While Russia accuses Ukraine of hitting the center with US-provided HIMARS artillery, Ukraine blamed it on Russian shelling — in either case, a war crime.

Seagal was there to promote the Russian side, in his capacity as a special representative of Russia's foreign ministry

This is where HIMARS hit," said Seagal, according TVZvezda. He went on to suggest that Ukraine's President Volodymyr

He claimed that the damage on the building "definitely looks like a rocket," the outlet reported. "If you look at the burning and other details, of course it's not a bomb

Pro-Kremlin Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov also claimed that Seagal "personally examined" fragments of HIMARS rockets purportedly found there