She’s just as intelligent as she is beautiful to be honest and she even had an offer to go and work with a firm, but she turned it down to become an actor

After all it’s always great to have another skill to rely on just in case you happen to need it

So honestly she has been through the paces and gained the needed experience that would propel her forward.

Gemma hasn’t been given anything that she didn’t have to work in the first place.

Now this is smart. She didn’t invest in anything other than herself it sounds like and it has paid off at this point since she’s on her way and doing great so far

It might seem a bit egotistical to say that one is investing in their own success but honestly and truly it’s the wisest thing to do when you’re seeking to make a career

This woman is just one skill set piled on top of another it seems, making her quite unique in that she can do so much and still decides to focus on acting most of the time.

This is the kind of person that can’t help but be interesting.

She stayed with the man until police arrived, but unfortunately help came too late and he passed away in her arms

She then showed up to trial the next year when called upon to do so to offer testimony against the assailant.

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